Matthew Palma

Equipment and Assurance

Warning..... Technical stuff here!

At Matthew Palma Photography we use professional quality camera equipment and industry standard practices for processing and backing up your images. Our current camera system is Nikon: we utilize dual D3's a D300 and several high end Nikon lenses including 14-24, 70-200 VR II, 24-70, 85 1.4, 50 1.4 and other specialized lenses as required. We employ wireless flash systems and when appropriate tungsten video lights. We have redundancy built in to our system in case of failure or breakage so you know we are prepared.

In the rare event we are unavailable to shoot your event due to sickness or other unforeseen events, we belong to several professional organizations and have a well established network of photographers to stand in our place. Be assured, we have you covered.